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Happy to be with you again! ❤️ (at Alwhada Mall)

It’s summer time! Well… almost! 😄 #friendsforkeeps #fun #beach (at Woodbine Beach Toronto Canada)

I like this shot but what are we looking at? 😝 @honeytoot28 @manetsute

What we do for fun at F21. haha #iceicebaby @jaqijacob @honeytoot28 (at Scarborough Town Centre)

Hello real Spring weather! #selfie

Haha. Didn’t realize we have a #photobomber @raichavez @jaqijacob @honeytoot28 #korean #saturdaynight

This may not be true since it was Mulan that first taught this morale but I still believe that Frozen was one of the best animated films ever written for the fact that it has recaptured the “not so hidden” values Disney has been trying to teach kids since Beauty and the Beast. I wish this was how Disney movies were made back in my days. When I was so much younger, it always about Prince Charming! #Frozen #Disney

#pqotd #qotd

@lovetoronto #hawaiian #summerinwinter (at Toronto Congress Centre)